Adding the Fill Clip to the Timeline

Adding the "Fill" Clip to the Timeline

Now that we have created our title, we need something to fill it witheither a video clip or a still image. The brighter the fill clip, the better. Good examples of fill clips are pictures or videos of a bright summer sky, the ocean, fall leaves, the golden reflection of the sun on a lake. What you want is anything that will really stand out from the background. The title itself won't be very big so when you fill it with a clip, you want "the best and the brightest" you can find to put in it. For this project, we've provided a clip that we've created using royalty-free video courtesy of Artbeats (, which we're calling clouds.avi.

Add the Clip You Want to Fill the Title with to the Timeline

Again, click the Get Media from button on the Media panel to access the Get Media from view, if it's not already active.

Select DVD, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Hard Drive Camcorder, Card Reader.

When the Media Downloader displays, click the Advanced Dialog button to switch to Advanced mode.

Select the clouds.avi clip for this project.

Click the Get Media button. Premiere Elements copies the clouds.avi clip from the DVD onto your hard drive and adds it to the Available Media list for this project.

From the Media panel, drag the clouds.avi clip to the Video 3 track on the Timeline.

Grab the tail end of the clouds.avi clip and resize it so that it matches the length of the autumn_leaves clip in the Video 1 track.

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