Simple Translation

Word provides simple translation of words, phrases, and even your entire document. Depending on which dictionaries were installed on your system, you can translate between your default language and several others such as Spanish and French.

To translate, highlight a word or phrase, right-click over the selection, and select Translate from the pop-up menu. Word displays the Translate task pane. (If you want to translate a word not found in your document, you can enter the word to translate at the top of the Translate task pane window.) Select the translation you desire from the Dictionary list, such as English to Spanish. Word translates the text and displays the result in area below; just click the word in the lower pane to see its translated offerings. Typically, a word has several translations depending on its context.


Computer translation is helpful but certainly not guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate. So many idioms, phrases, and word combinations exist that computer technology simply cannot yet translate perfectly . In addition, be warned that the first time you use translation, Word pauses and installs the feature. Depending on the options you chose when you installed Office, you might need your Office CD-ROM for the install procedure.

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