Writing Yourself Notes

Outlook notes are equivalent to sticky yellow-paper notes. You can post a note inside Outlook and retrieve, edit, or delete the note later. To see your notes, click the Notes icon at the bottom of the Outlook screen. Double-click any note to see its contents.

To create a new note, click the New Note toolbar button to display a yellow-note window. Type your note and click the note's Close button to close the note. Resize the note by dragging its lower-right corner. Outlook records the note's date and time at the bottom of each note. Change the note's font by selecting a new font from the Tools, Options dialog box and clicking the Note Options button. You can quickly select a different note color by right-clicking the note's icon.


Turn notes into appointments and tasks easily if you need to. Drag a note from the Notes folder to the Calendar or Tasks buttons . Outlook will open an appropriate window with the note's contents, filling in the task or appointment's description. If you drag a note to your Outbox, Outlook creates an email message with your note's contents and you can select a recipient for the note.

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours
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Year: 2003
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