Section 93. Use a Style

93. Use a Style


92 About Impress Styles


94 Change a Presentation's Background

Using styles inside Impress differs from the other programs, as 91 About Impress Styles explains. The styles are linked to the Layouts that you use when you insert new slides into your presentation. You can only modify existing styles, and once you modify a style, all slides that use that style also change.


Impress's graphics styles are more lenient than the presentation text styles, although you'll probably use them less often. You can modify a style and apply it directly to a single graphic image, whereas any text style you modify (listed as presentation styles in the Style Catalog) causes all text that uses that style to change format.

93. Use a Style

Insert a New Slide

Select Insert, Slide to insert the next slide into your presentation. The Insert Slide dialog box lists the Layout slides available to you. If you are creating a new presentation, the Insert Slide dialog box appears when you begin working on the first slide in the presentation.

Select a Layout

Click in the Layouts task pane to change the new slide layout to one that best suits the slide you want to insert. After you click the layout, its presentation styles are applied to the new slide.

Type the Text and Format It

If you want to change a style in the Style list, first type the text that uses that style, such as a title on the slide, and then format the text any way you want the style to look.


If you only want this single occurrence changed, don't change any styles! You only want to modify the style used by this element of the slide if you want all other like elements to change too.

Display Presentation Styles

Press F11 to display the Styles and Formatting window. Impress automatically highlights the style used by your selected text. For example, if you modified a title, the Title style will be selected in the Styles and Formatting window.

Modify the Style

Click the Update Style button in the Styles and Formatting window. The selected style takes on the formatting of the text inside the current style. All future slides you add to your presentation with that same style (such as when you insert a new slide with a similar Layout form) will take on the attributes of that style. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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