Section 94. Change a Presentation s Background

94. Change a Presentation's Background


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The background of your slide provides the overall tone of your presentation. If your presentation's background appears in cool blue tones, your presentation will feel far more relaxed than if you use bright orange and red tones in the background of your slides.

You can change the background of a single slide or of your entire presentation. Often, presenters prefer to use the same background on all their slides. Doing so keeps their presentations consistent and maintains a similar mood throughout. All slides in a presentation use the same background specified by the master slide 's background. If you want to change a single slide's background, you'll have to hide the master slide's background elements.


Click the Master view button to change your entire presentation's background. Click the Slide view button to change only a single background.

94. Change a Presentation's Background

Request the Background Change

If you want to change only one slide's background, display that slide in Normal view. Then, select Format, Page to display the Page Setup dialog box.

Click the Background tab to display the Background page.

Change the Background

The Background page determines the background you want to apply to the current slide or to your entire presentation. First you select how you want to fill the background by clicking the list arrow in the Fill section. You can elect to show no background (a white background) by clicking the None option. The Color option enables you to select from a list of colors that appears. The Gradient option enables you to select from a list of gradients that you want to apply to the background. The Hatching option enables you to select from a list of various crosshatching patterns. The Bitmap option enables you to select from a list of background graphics, such as a brick wall or a sky pattern with clouds.


Gradient A transition from one color or pattern to another on the same slide.

Click to select the type of fill you want and then select the specific fill from the choices that appear. Click OK to apply the fill and close the Page Setup dialog box.

Apply the Background to One or Multiple Pages

Impress asks whether you want to apply the background to a single page (the page you were on when you changed the background) or all pages.


The Page Settings dialog box can apply the background to all pages in your presentation, except for the first slide. If you had first clicked the Master view button before changing the background, all slides, including the first one, would change. No matter what you do, the original background, determined by the master slide, shows also.

Hide Elements from the Master Slide

If the master slide's background or graphic objects interfere with the look of a particular slide ( assuming that the master slide has a specified background you can see) you can hide these elements from view. Right-click any blank area of the slide whose background you have modified and choose Slide from the context menu. From the submenu that appears, click to the remove the check mark next to Display Background of Master if you want to hide the background color or fill of the master. You can also click to remove the check mark next to Display Objects from Master if you want to hide any graphic objects such as decorative icons or logos. These elements are removed from only the current slide.

Modify the Master Slide

If you want to hide some or all of the background elements on all the slides in a presentation, you can modify the master slide. First open Slide Master view by choosing View, Master, Slide Master . When Slide Master view opens, follow the same steps you did for modifying an individual slide: Choose Page from the Format menu and then choose a fill and color or color combination.

When you are finished, click OK to close the dialog box and apply the new background to all slides except those you have designated not to display the master slide's background.


If you change your mind about a slide and want the slide master's background to be applied to it, right-click a blank area of that slide, choose Slide from the context menu, and then click to restore the check mark next to the Display Background of Master option. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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