Chapter 13. Making More Impressive Presentations


95 Insert a Chart into a Presentation

96 Insert Graphics into a Presentation

97 Add a Presentation Header and Footer

98 Add Sound to a Presentation

99 Impress with Animation Effects

100 Add a Slide Transition

101 Make an Automatic Presentation

102 Add Notes to a Presentation

103 Create Presentation Handouts

104 Turn a Presentation into Online Web Pages

105 About Giving Presentations

Impress can help you drive home your point with several advanced features. You can add flair and pizzazz so your presentations won't be boring. You can add charts and import graphics to spruce up your presentations. You can also animate graphics and determine special slide transitions so the movement from slide to slide matches the tone of your presentation.

The Notes feature enables you to add your own private speaker's notes to your slides so you always remember important points you want to make. Your audience will also appreciate it when you print a copy of your presentation for them to take. Impress doesn't stop with live presentations; you can create automated presentations that repeat themselves , and you can easily put your Impress presentations on the Web for the world to view. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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