Chapter 41. Seeing What HTML Is All About

All World Wide Web pages are created by using Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML ), a set of formatting commands that are added to text documents. These formatting commands, which are called tags , turn normal text into headings, hyperlinks , paragraphs, and anything else you can put on a Web page.

When you apply formatting to part of a page, FrontPage marks that section with the corresponding HTML tag. FrontPage acts as an interpreter between what you want to do and how HTML does it. None of this is shown in the Page view, because you work with the page as it's going to look in a browser. For this reason, you can avoid learning HTML entirely.

During this chapter, you'll learn how to edit a Web page using HTML and see the markup tags that make up the document. This skill will come in handy when you're given some HTML-tagged text that should be added to your Webs. It also provides insight into how pages are created in FrontPage and enables you to create and edit Web pages directly with HTML.

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