By using the Form Page Wizard, you can easily add interactive features to your FrontPage Web. As you explored the wizard's capabilities and created your own form in this chapter, some ideas on how to use this Web page capability probably sprang to mind. Forms can be employed to offer user surveys, visitor feedback, polls , questionnaires, tests, and many other interactive features.

Elvis Presley, not having a satisfactory way to communicate with television programmers, shot one of the devices in his home. Forms give visitors to your Webs a satisfactory way to communicate with you that do not involve possible violations of federal, state, or local law.

Forms are an essential feature of the World Wide Web because they immediately connect a publisher with the people who visit a Web. You can create forms quickly with FrontPage's Form Page Wizard. You also can take more control over a form by adding its elements to a Web page directly.

By using text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, and other parts of a form, you can ask questions in a variety of different ways. A multiple-choice question can be limited to a single answer with radio buttons or multiple answers on a drop-down menu. More open -ended answers can be typed in as one or more lines of text.

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