Chapter 40. Communicating with Web Forms

One of the easiest mistakes to make as a World Wide Web publisher is to treat this medium like its older siblings: television, radio, and print. For the most part, those media are a one-way street because the audience can't immediately respond (with the possible exception of Elvis Presley, who once registered his displeasure with a television by shooting it). Nor can they do anything to change the presentation as it's occurring. At its best, the World Wide Web is a collaboration between the people who publish sites and the people who visit them. As a Web publisher, you can collect information from the visitors to your pages, present it on your site, and use it in other ways to create a more engaging experience. When you collect information on your FrontPage Web, you'll be using a Web page element called a form . Forms are made up of text boxes, lists, and other means of gathering information from visitors.

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