Moving Slides

When you insert slides, the order of your presentation can become a bit messy. Never fear, though; there's a way to move your slides around quickly and easily. You can use the Outline pane or switch to Slide Sorter view. In the Outline pane, use the following steps:

  1. Place your mouse pointer on the slide icon for the slide you want to move. The mouse pointer looks like a four-headed arrow when it's over the slide icon.

  2. Drag the slide icon to the new location.

PowerPoint displays a horizontal line, shown in Figure 24.4, that indicates the final destination for the moved slide.

Figure 24.4. Moving a slide in the Outline pane is quick and easy.


You can also move slides while you're in Slide Sorter view, which can be a bit easier than the previous method. Simply switch to Slide Sorter view and drag the slide to the new location. It couldn't be easier to rearrange your thoughts or your slides, so let's get moving.


The duplicate slide is inserted after the original. Don't worryyou can always move the slide to a different location if you want.

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