Handling Events

Outlook refers to any appointment that lasts 24 or more hours as an event . Scheduling events is much the same as handling appointments. In fact, the procedures are virtually identical, except for one thing: In the Appointment window, just to the right of the Start and End Time fields, you see the check box All Day Event. When this is checked, the start and end times disappear, because the event now stretches over the entire day. You should also see a purple (out of office) border along the left edge of the whole day, between the times and the text area of the Calendar.

In the Date Navigator, click the date for your Ottawa tour, and scroll ”if necessary ”so that the Ottawa tour appointment is visible. Double-click the appointment and change this to an all-day event by putting a check mark next to All Day Event. The time shows as Free, which is the default. Change it to Out of Office. Click the Save and Close button. Figure 18.6 shows how an event looks in the daily calendar. Notice that the event is displayed as a fixed banner at the top of the daily calendar. To edit, move, or delete an event, use the same techniques used for appointments.

Figure 18.6. An event in the daily calendar.


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