Understanding the "need behind the query" can provide a significant advantage to search marketers. You use this knowledge to deliver the best possible content to searchers at the very time they need it.

This chapter covered the various types of searchers and how they approach their queries. You learned how they view search engine results and how they decide which result to click, all of which is summarized in Table 4-4. You also learned how Web visitors follow a behavior model that describes what they do on your siteand whether they complete that action.

Table 4-4. Understanding Searchers (Different types of searchers use different queries to do the same thingin this case, each searcher wants a book on weight loss.)

Searcher Type

Search Query

What Searchers Want

Why Pages Rank Highly

Why Searchers Click



Amazon home page

Query words in title and URL

Query words in title and snippet


low carb diet

Deep information from several sites

Text-rich pages with query words

As above, with trusted sources and brands


south beach diet

Buy page from bookseller

Query words in title and text

As above, with a great offer

In Part 1 of this book, you have learned the basics of Web searchwhat it is, how it works, and what you can do about it. You have also learned that the searcher drives everything you do as a search marketer. In Part 2 of this book, the focus changes to examine your site's goals and how to measure success. No matter what your organization does, your Web site has a specialized purpose, and search marketing must support that purpose. The next chapter shows how to isolate the exact mission of your site before you embark on any search marketing effort.

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