Part2.Develop Your Search Marketing Program

Search marketing is unlike other marketing programs, because it requires the support of many people within your organization. To gain their support, you need to develop a very clear program whose value can be explained to anyone. Part 2 is where you learn to do that.

First, in Chapter 5, "Identify Your Web Site's Goals," we identify your Web site's underlying goals. Is it an e-Commerce site? A site to build brand awareness for higher offline sales? A way to get volunteers for your nonprofit organization? Regardless, your Web site has a purpose, and your search marketing program must help your organization fulfill that purpose.

With your goals identified, Chapter 6, "Measure Your Web Site's Success," explores how your Web site measures its success in reaching those goals. You learn to track Web events that mark successful visits to your site. This chapter also looks at other Web metrics, such as visitor traffic and sales revenue.

With that as a backdrop, you are ready to measure your search success in Chapter 7, "Measure Your Search Marketing Success." You will choose the focus area for your first search marketing campaign, assess your current search marketing situation, and calculate the business opportunity of a successful campaign.

Chapter 8, "Define Your Search Marketing Strategy," broadens the scope to your entire search marketing program, introducing you to the strategic decisions required for organization-wide success. You will choose your program's scope, decide which groups will perform various search marketing tasks, and decide whether you will work with a search marketing vendor or run a completely in-house program. Finally, you will project the cost of your own search marketing program.

Part 2 concludes with Chapter 9, "Sell Your Search Marketing Proposal," in which you learn how to assemble your proposal for a search marketing program in your organization. To gain support for that proposal throughout your company, you must persuade numerous technical and business specialists, as well as a host of executives. This chapter shows you how to get that crucial organizational buy-in.

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