Chapter15.Make Search Marketing Operational

Chapter 15. Make Search Marketing Operational

If you're the kind of person who cleans your house once a year whether it needs it or not, this chapter might be a challenge for you. Some people are very good at starting something newincluding starting a search marketing programbut tire quickly of the day-to-day work that turns a good start into a long-term success. Unfortunately, search marketing is not a one-time event; it is a new way to work. Making your search marketing program a smooth, ongoing operation is the only way you will succeed.

So, if process diagrams make you glaze over, and you do not have the patience to go over the numbers one more time to figure out what is going wrong, make sure you add people to your central search team who have the stick-to-itiveness you lack. And, come to think of it, setting up your central search team is the first of three actions you will take to make search operational:

  • Set up your central search team. You need to know who to hire and how to train them, because the quality of your central search team can make or break your search marketing program.

  • Establish search marketing best practices. In Chapter 9, "Sell Your Search Marketing Proposal," we talked about all the folks on your extended search team who you need to influence. Here we show you how to change the organizational rules to get the behavior you want.

  • Track search marketing success. Anything of importance to an organization gets measured, and search marketing is no exception. Find out what statistics to track and how to use metrics to drive organizational change.

Are you ready to make it real? The startup tasks are almost behind you. It's time to see what makes a search marketing program succeed over the long haulits operational excellence.

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