Paid search is a myriad of details, but we have given you the basics to help you master them. Your most important decisions surround your paid search philosophyif you can develop a feedback loop that responds to the right performance metrics, you can tweak your paid search campaign until it succeeds.

Search marketers can take advantage of both paid placement and shopping search opportunities, using the steps depicted in Table 14-9.

Table 14-9. The Steps to Paid Search Success (Some steps apply to both paid placement and shopping search, but others are specific to one or the other.)


Paid Placement

Shopping Search

Set up your paid search program:


Decide your budget.

Set up your accounts.

Select your bid management tool.


Choose your targets:


Choose the products to list.


Select good paid placement keywords.


Organize your keywords.


Decide your match type for each keyword.


Decide geographic targeting for each keyword.


Select your bidding strategy.


Make your bids.


Attract searchers' clicks:


Optimize your paid placement copy.


Manage your paid placement ads.


Fine tune your shopping search data.


Optimize paid search landing pages.

Measure and adjust your campaigns:

You have learned everything you need to start your paid search campaign. At this point, you just have to begin your real education with your own program. "Learn by doing" is truly the only way to succeed at paid search.

In the next chapter, you will learn how to operate your entire search marketing program. You will staff your central search team, learn the best practices in search marketing, and measure, measure, measure. (Surprise!) You have got all the steps down by now, except onehow to run your program every day. That is what Chapter 15 is all about.

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