Preparing a Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is a summary of the balances in all asset, liability, and equity accounts as of a particular date. The balance sheet and the income statement are the two most common reports given to lenders and investors. These two reports, especially when viewed over time, speak volumes about how a company is performing.

Select Company & Financial from the Reports menu.

Select Balance Sheet Standard from the side menu.

By default, QuickBooks prepares balance sheets as of today's date. Change the date at the top of the report if you want a balance sheet as of a different date.

Click the drop-down arrow in the Columns field to present the balance sheet information by month, quarter, or another designation.

Did You Know?

You can produce a balance sheet with a two-year comparison. If you want to see how your balance sheet compares with the same time period in the previous year, select Balance Sheet Prev Year Comparison from the Reports, Company & Financial menu.

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