Setting Up Reminders to Replenish Your Inventory

If you didn't designate a reorder point when you set up your inventory items, now's the time to do so. Edit your inventory items and enter how many of each item you want to keep in stock. Then use the reminders list to send yourself messages to reorder. Every time the level of an inventory item in stock drops below the reorder point, a reminder to reorder is added to your reminders list.

Create a Reminder to Replenish Inventory

Select Item List from the Lists menu.

Click the item for which you want to establish a reorder point.

Press Ctrl+E.

Enter the reorder point.

Click OK.

View Reminders

Select Reminders from the Company menu.

Scroll down if necessary until you find the Inventory To Reorder reminder.

Double-click Inventory to Reorder. All items that have passed their reorder point now appear.

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