Creating an Inventory Group

Sometimes you might want to group several inventory items into one mega-item, so you can refer to the group as a whole. For example, suppose you are a retailer who sells dishware. Your inventory might include plates, cups, saucers, and bowls, all of which could be sold individually. Alternatively, you could group together one place setting of a plate, cup, saucer, and bowl and sell the group as a single item. Construction and manufacturing companies can use this feature, too. In this example, a construction company creates a group of items that together make up the supplies and labor required to build a wooden deck.

Set Up the Inventory Group

Select Item List from the Lists menu.

Press Ctrl+N.

Select Group as the Type.

Enter a name for the group.

Enter a description for the group.

Check the Print Items In Group box if you want all the details of the group to appear on customer invoices. If you leave this unchecked, only the name of the group prints.

Enter the individual items that form the group.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

A variety of item types can be included in an inventory group. You are not limited to inventory part items in your inventory group. You can include other items such as noninventory parts and service items in a single inventory group.

Use the Inventory Group

Open a new invoice by pressing Ctrl+I.


You can also get to a new invoice by clicking the Invoices icon on the Home page.

Enter the customer name.

Enter the name of the group.

Verify that all other information is correct.

Click one of the Save buttons.

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