Matching Transactions

When you download your bank statement, QuickBooks automatically attempts to match transactions in your bank statement with transactions in your QuickBooks program. Unmatched transactions are noted at the bottom of the window. You can order QuickBooks to record an unmatched transaction in your bank account register.

Select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then Select Online Banking Center from the side menu that appears.

Click to place a check mark next to the QuickStatement that appears in the Items Received from Financial Institution area of the Online Banking Center window.

Click the View button.

A message appears indicating how many transactions are matched and how many remain unmatched.

Click OK.

Unmatched transactions are transactions that don't agree in an obvious way with transactions in your register (shown at the top of the window). Change a transaction in the register so that the information matches the description of an unmatched transaction.

Click Record to record the changes you've made in the register.

An unmatched transaction that was never recorded in your register can be added to the register by clicking the unmatched transaction and then clicking Add One to Register (or clicking more than one transaction and clicking Add Multiple).

Click Done when all the unmatched transactions have been resolved.

Did You Know?

You don't have to wait until the end of the month to reconcile your bank account. If you bank online, you can reconcile your bank account whenever and as frequently as you like. Using the matching procedures described here you can ensure your bank balance is always correct.

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