Retrieving QuickStatements (Online Bank Statements)

After you've initiated online contact with your bank, you can request your bank statement whenever you want to see what transactions have cleared your account. You can easily view your statement with a few clicks of the mouse.

Select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then select Online Banking Center from the side menu that appears.

If you have more than one online account, verify that the correct account name appears in the Financial Institution field.

Click to place a check to the left of the Get New QuickStatement For Account option.

If more items appear on the list, either check or uncheck them depending on which tasks you want to perform at this time.

If you are not already online, click the Go Online button.

Once online, the Go Online button changes to Send. Click the Send button.

Click the QuickStatement option in the lower half of the Online Banking Center window.

Click the View button.

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