Making Online Payments

You can make electronic payments to your vendors through QuickBooks. The QuickBooks banking center provides a place for you to make sure you have current address and account number information for your vendors before beginning the process of making online payments.

Click the Write Checks icon on the Home page to open a new check.


Press Ctrl+W to quickly access the Write Checks window.

Enter the date on which the check is to be delivered.

Enter the payee name. Address and account number information will fill in automatically.

Enter the amount.

Enter the account that is to be charged with this expense.

Check the option for Online Payment.

Select a save option.

Select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then select Online Banking Center from the side menu that appears.

Click to place a check to the left of the online payment you want to dispatch.

Click Go Online if you are not already online. This button changes to a Send button when you are online.

Click Send.

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