Canceling Online Payments

If your bank has not yet sent your payment, you still have time to change your mind. Whether you want to change the amount of the payment or cancel it entirely, you can order the bank to cancel the original payment; then you can take action to replace the payment with another if you need to.

Select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then select Online Banking Center from the side menu that appears.

Click Go Online.

Click on the payment you want to cancel.

Click Cancel.

Click Yes to confirm that you want to stop the payment from being processed.

Press Ctrl+A to open your Chart of Accounts.


You can also click the Chart of Accounts icon on the Home page to open the Chart of Accounts window.

Double-click the bank account you used to send the online payment.

Did You Know?

The address and account number are required for online vendors. If basic information such as the address and account number for a vendor has not been entered and you select the option to send the payment online, you are prompted to enter the required information for the vendor before you can continue with the online payment. You will find the account number on the bill you receive from your vendor.

In the account register, click once on the online payment you want to cancel.

Select Edit, Void Bill Pmt-Check or Void Check (depending on the type of payment) from the menu, or right-click on the transaction and make the same selection.

Did You Know?

Stopping an electronic payment is not the same as stopping payment on a check. When you stop payment on a check at the bank, you are requesting that the bank not pay a check that has already been issued. The recipient will receive the check but will not be able to cash it. Typically you are required to pay your bank a fee for this service. When you stop an electronic payment you are requesting that the check not be sent to the recipient. You can only stop an electronic payment if it has not yet been dispatched.

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