Memorizing a Group of Transactions

If you frequently perform the same transactions together, memorize them as a group and execute the whole group at once! For example, you might have several fixed monthly expenses that are due at the same time, such as rent, security service, insurance, loan payment, and so on. You can save all these expenses as a group called "Monthly Expenses," and then issue one order. The entire group of transactions will then be executed at once.

Memorize a Group

Create each of the memorized transactions that you plan to execute as a group, as shown in "Memorizing Transactions" previously in this chapter.

Press Ctrl+T to open the Memorized Transaction list, or choose Memorized Transaction List from the Edit menu.

Click the Memorized Transaction button, and then select New Group.

Enter a unique name for your memorized group.

Select Remind Me if you want QuickBooks to issue a reminder when the group is due.

If you ask for a reminder, choose a frequency in the How Often field.

If you ask for a reminder, choose a date in the Next Date field for the next reminder to be issued.

Click OK to establish your new group.

Did You Know?

Memorized groups appear in bold. The memorized groups stand out on your Memorized Transaction list because they appear in bold. The word Group also appears in the Type column.

Add a Transaction to the Group

With the Memorized Transaction list still open, click once on the memorized transaction that you want to add to the group.

Click the Memorized Transaction button at the bottom of the list and select Edit Memorized Transaction.


From the Memorized Transaction list, you can quickly open the selected transaction for editing by pressing Ctrl+E.

Click the With Transactions in Group option.

Select the name of the group to which this transaction is to be added.

Click OK to save the group assignment you have made for this transaction.

Repeat steps 15 for each transaction you want to include in the group.

Did You Know?

Memorized groups appear together in the Memorized Transaction list. QuickBooks displays all the members of a group listed beneath the group heading on your Memorized Transaction list.

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