Memorizing Transactions

In QuickBooks, you can memorize any transaction you want. You can memorize transactions that you re-use frequently, or memorize a transaction that you might not use often but is time consuming or complicated to create. This task uses an example of a purchase order for several items you frequently ordered. Consider creating a purchase order for all the items you order from a single vendor. Then, when it's time to place an order, you just open the memorized transaction and fill in the quantities.

Select Create Purchase Orders from the Vendors menu.


Click the Purchase Orders icon in the Vendors section of the home page to open the Create Purchase Order window.

Enter a name in the Vendor field.

Enter the items you normally purchase from this vendor, leaving the quantities blank.

Press Ctrl+M to begin the memorization process, or you can choose Memorize from the Edit menu.

Enter a unique name for this transaction.

Select Don't Remind Me.

Click OK to memorize the transaction.

Continue using the Purchase Order form if you like. Or, press Esc and select No to close the form without creating an actual purchase order.

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