Chapter 7. Using Time-Saving Features

What You'll Do

Memorize a Transaction

Memorize a Group of Transactions

Use a Memorized Transaction

Schedule a Recurring Transaction

Change Memorized and Scheduled Transactions

Remove a Memorized Transaction

Set Reminders Preferences

Use Reminders

A memorized transaction is a transaction to which you assign a name, such as a report you have prepared, a check you have written, or a form that you have filled in. You can recall and repeat the transaction without typing all the same information each time, which makes your work more efficient. When you take the time to create a form or a report that you plan to use again, remember to use the memorization feature to save it. A great side benefit of this feature is that the forms can then be made accessible to other QuickBooks users at your company to simplify their work as well.

If several transactions go together and are used repeatedly, you can memorize all the transactions as a group, and then execute them all together.

Do you want to take this simplification technique one step further? Set up your memorized transactions as recurring transactions and QuickBooks will do the work for you. With recurring transactions you can have a reminder sent to yourself letting you know it's time to execute a transaction, or you can have QuickBooks perform the whole transaction for you. How easy is that? QuickBooks can send invoices automatically, issue purchase orders, and even pay bills.

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