Using Memorized Transactions

Okay, you've memorized some transactions, now what? You can take advantage of your memorized transactions by remembering to use them when you want to save time. Any time you want to use a memorized transaction, just open the list of memorized transactions, select the transaction, and use it as you do any other QuickBooks form.

Press Ctrl+T to open the Memorized Transaction list.

Double-click a memorized transaction that you want to use. The original form will appear.

Now use the form as you use any QuickBooks form, making any necessary adjustments. In this example, I've entered the quantities of items I want to order.

Select a Save option to finalize the transaction.

Did You Know?

Memorized transactions aren't written in stone. You can open a memorized transaction, and then make changes to the information that appears before you execute the transaction.

See Also

See "Using Reminders" on page 194 for tips on having QuickBooks remind you that it's time to use one of your memorized transactions.

Did You Know?

You can quickly execute the transactions for an entire memorized group. Double-click the name of the group in the Memorized Transaction list to access the Using Group window. Enter the date on which you want the transactions in the group to be executed, and then click OK. All the transactions in the group will be executed at once.

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