Charging Sales Tax to Customers

QuickBooks calculates sales tax based on the rate you entered. All items on an invoice that are subject to tax are added together and the tax rate is applied. Items that have been designated as non-taxable are exempted from the tax calculation. All you have to do is indicate which tax rate to use and QuickBooks does the rest. If you charge the same tax rate on everything you sell, the process of charging sales tax is easier still.

Open an invoice (press Ctrl+I).

Enter the customer name and the item(s) you plan to sell.

Select the correct tax. If you pay tax at only one rate and to only one government office, only one tax will be listed here.

Did You Know?

You can create a new sales tax item on-the-fly. On an invoice form, click the down arrow in the Tax area and select Add New to enter a new sales tax item.

Save the invoice.

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