Editing Bill Payments

QuickBooks is a forgiving program. If you make a mistake, you can usually go back and correct the error. Say, for example, that you wrote a check by hand to a vendor for $500 to be applied to a bill for $2,000. However, you didn't pay attention when you recorded the payment, and you recorded the entire bill as being paid. You can correct the payment amount and the unpaid portion of the bill will be reinstated.

Press Ctrl+A to open the Chart of Accounts.

Double-click the checking account you used to pay the bill. The account register appears.

Find the check that was used to pay the bill.

See Also

See "Searching for Transactions" on page 101 for information on finding transactions in the register.

Double-click the check description to open the actual check.

Change the amount paid to the correct amount.

Save the transaction.

You'll see a warning that the change you're making will affect the way your bill payments were previously recorded. Click Yes to accept the change.

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