63 Add Titles to Your AutoMovie

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64 Finalize Your AutoMovie

Your AutoMovie can have a title and ending credits. The text you enter is used for both an opening title and an ending title before the credits roll. The text fades in all at once before fading out at the beginning of your movie, then scrolls up from the bottom at the end.

If you enter more than four lines of text, Movie Maker displays all the lines (up to seven total) for the movie title, but when the AutoMovie ends, Movie Maker plays only the first four lines and then displays a Directed By tagline .

  1. Select Tools, AutoMovie

    After you've dragged your selected clips to the timeline, select AutoMovie from the Tools menu.



    Be sure to add your name to the Author field in your movie's Properties dialog box (available from File, Properties ). AutoMovie uses the Author field for the director's name at the end of the AutoMovie.

  2. Click for the Title Dialog Box

    Click the option labeled Enter a title for a movie to display a text box where you can enter your title's text.

  3. Type Title

    Type the title you want for your AutoMovie. Remember to keep the title to seven lines or less, and also remember that the first four lines will appear as the first scrolling credit at the end of your movie. Generally, if you limit your text to four lines or less, the title works best both at the front and back of your AutoMovie. You are now ready to complete the AutoMovie.

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