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19 About Your Project's Content

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When someone new to Movie Maker creates a new project for the second time , they are often surprised that Movie Maker does not erase the Collections pane. Any elements that appear in your collection, as well as the thumbnails or details shown in the Contents pane, are still there when you create a new project.

Keep in mind that the project is a description of your video's storyboard/timeline details. The project is not your collection. When you create a new project, Movie Maker will remove everything from your storyboard/timeline because you are instructing Movie Maker to give you a fresh video.

A project's properties often contain useful information. As you create more and more productions over time, each project's properties enable you to locate projects quickly, or search for projects that meet criteria you're looking for.



If Movie Maker cleared the Collections pane, you would have to reload the Collections pane with content, including importing the same video again into your collection, if you wanted to create a new video based on the first one.

You must enter the project's property information. Select File, Properties to display the Project Properties dialog box after you create a new project. Movie Maker saves those properties along with the project in the future.

The Project Properties dialog box contains details that describe your project.




You might be surprised how often you create a second video based on one you made before. Highlight videos and previews (such as trailers ) are simple to create from an existing project's content. You will thus save the movie's project and the preview's project in two files, both of which use the identical Contents pane for their subject matter.



Trailer ” A short movie preview that attempts to generate interest and a potential audience.

Here are the properties associated with a Movie Maker project:

  • Title ” The Title field is the name you assign to your project, which Movie Maker then attaches to the video you ultimately create. The title usually appears on the screen when someone plays your video on a computer. Movie Maker gives you room for 128 characters for the Title field.



    Select Tools, Options to fill in the Default author field. That name appears in the Author properties for subsequent projects you create. You can change the default name for individual projects by editing the Project Properties dialog box's Author field.

  • Author ” Usually, the Author field holds the name of the producer, who will be you in most cases. Some playback software displays the author's name when the video is played back on a computer. Movie Maker gives you room for 128 characters for the Author field.

  • Duration ” The project's duration is the time that Movie Maker fills in automatically. The duration matches your timeline using the hours:minutes:seconds:hundredths of seconds format. The duration changes as you modify your project.

  • Copyright ” Any copyright- related information you want to enter goes in the Copyright field. Some players display the copyright information during playback. Movie Maker gives you room for only 14 characters for the Copyright field.

  • Rating ” You can rate your movie (A+ is always a good rating!) in the Rating field. Playback software often displays the rating when your movie is played back. Movie Maker gives you room for 20 characters for the Rating field.



    You can display and change any of your project's property values at any time, except for the Duration field, which Movie Maker maintains.

  • Description ” The Description field displays the description you enter for your project. Playback software often displays the description when your movie is played back. Movie Maker gives you room for 512 characters for the Description field.

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