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Your project holds the production script to your production. The project contains the clips your movie contains, the transitions between clips, the soundtrack, and any narration you might provide. In a way, you can think of your project as containing a description of what your storyboard/timeline looks like.

Your project file does not actually contain any video or audio footage. The project does contain a description of that footage. Whereas a video you create from a project might consume four megabytes or even much more, the project file from which you made that movie might only be one-tenth the size .



Your project is not your video file but a description of your video. You can create multiple videos from the same project. You can create one video, change the project a bit, then create a second video. From one project, you thereby produce two similar but different videos.

  1. Select File, New Project

    From the File menu, select New Project . You can also press Ctrl+N to request that Movie Maker create a new project.

  2. Save Previous Project If Needed

    If you have not saved a project you were already working on, Movie Maker gives you the chance to do so.

  3. Select File, Save Project



    You won't always create a new project for every video you create; you might want to modify an existing project file instead of creating a new one. If so, open an existing project file with File, Open Project instead of creating a new project.

    Display the File menu once again and select Save Project .

  4. Type a Name

    You can now give your project a name. Movie Maker saves projects with the .MSWMM filename extension, an extension indicating that the file is a Microsoft Windows Movie Maker project file.

  5. Click OK

    When you click OK , Movie Maker saves the project.



    It's best to give your project a name at the time you begin the project. If you work on multiple projects, you are less likely to confuse two similar projects if you give them names when you create them instead of selecting a name right before shutting down your editing session.

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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