Chapter 5. Introducing the SunTone Methodology for Migration

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Modern project management methodologies have become universal to project and program management. In the software project world, these methodologies need to be supplemented to define the actors, roles, skills, and tasks required to complete an IT project. Modern development methodologies fill this gap and are based on the principles of architecture, prototyping, and iteration.

Sun has been addressing its customers' needs to install current software applications on the Sun operating system (OS) for several years . Sun has helped customers undertake migration projects and has a large body of experience to apply to the problems inherent with these types of projects. Through this experience, Sun has developed a repeatable and systematic methodology for migration that helps ensure predictability and success of migration projects.

This chapter places the ideas expressed in Chapter 3 in the context of a technical planning methodology. Project and program management methodology is addressed later in the book. This chapter defines Sun's high-level methodologies and reviews the roles of the architect, implement, and manage (AIM) phases involved in the methodology.

This chapter contains the following sections:

  • "SunTone Architecture Methodology" on page 66

  • "Architect Phase Defined" on page 66

  • "Implement Phase Defined" on page 67

  • "Manage Phase Defined" on page 69

  • "Moving Between Phases" on page 70

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