SunTone Architecture Methodology

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Sun's response to the need for a development methodology is the SunTone Architecture Methodology, which borrows from the best of modern software development methodologies. This approach incorporates the principles of a life-cycle view and incremental development while articulating a cycle of architect, implement, and manage. It provides a common language for defining the nonfunctionality requirements of an applications platform, so Sun can use its knowledge-reuse programs to offer customers access to prototyping, pattern-based architecture, and design reuse in an area that has traditionally not had this advantage.

Following a structured architecture methodology is different from building a solution in an ad hoc fashion in that it requires you to plan upfront for much of the work that needs to be done. In addition, the application of the methodology discussed in this book ensures that you work with all of the stakeholders involved in a migration effort to develop an architecture that will address their needs as well as the business objectives.

Sun's project and life cycle methodology is based on the following stages:

  • Architect

  • Implement

  • Manage

This approach assumes the presence of a business case, a risk log, and a project startup plan, which includes a project governance model. Fundamentally, this is a project methodology, which means that a project justification must have been successful. This methodology should be supplemented with formal project planning activities.

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