Architect Phase Defined

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Following the principles of the architect, implement, and manage (AIM) methodology, the initial architect phase in a migration project addresses the following technical startup-planning tasks for the project:

  • Assessing the environment to ensure that all of the assumptions made during project justification have been proved and that all of the requirements and dependencies for the architecture are documented.

    The following types of assessment tasks occur during the architect phase:

    • Assessing the technologies used

    • Assessing processes used

    • Assessing people skills needed

  • Designing and architecting a migration solution, which includes the following types of tasks:

    • Identifying the degree of change required

    • Identifying service level goals

    • Documenting design goals with the SunTone Architecture Methodology

    • Creating a component and technique map

    • Refining high-level designs

    • Creating a transition plan

    • Developing a configuration management plan

    • Creating a system I/O map

    • Creating an acceptance test plan

    • Planning test strategies

    • Prototyping the process

    • Designing a training plan for the new environment

These tasks are detailed in Chapter 6, and the specific deliverables that result from these activities are explored in more detail in the case studies presented in Chapter 9 “Chapter 11.

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