List of Figures

Chapter 1: Get Your Feet Wet with HTML

Figure 1-1: A basic HTML page in Notepad
Figure 1-2: Your first Web page
Figure 1-3: A word processor document with HTML tags added
Figure 1-4: HTML code with a comment added.

Chapter 2: Work with Text and Lists

Figure 2-1: The six heading levels of HTML

Chapter 3: Modify Text with Text Elements and CSS

Figure 3-1: Text structured by means of text elements
Figure 3-2: Text page with style added

Chapter 5: All About Links

Figure 5-1: Sample “Pages I’ve Created” Page

Chapter 8: Organize Data with Tables

Figure 8-1: A Table-based Web Page Layout

Chapter 10: Control Presentation with Style Sheets

Figure 10-1: The Box Model

Chapter 13: All About Image Maps

Figure 13-1: Practice Image Map

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
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