List of Tables

Chapter 4: Introduce and Control Color

Table 4-1: Web-Safe Color Percentages, Hexadecimal Equivalents, and Numeric Values
Table 4-2: The 16 Basic Colors with Hex Codes

Chapter 5: All About Links

Table 5-1: URL Formats for the Most Commonly Used Protocols
Table 5-2: Files Created in Chapters 1–4

Chapter 6: Enhance Your Presentation with Graphics

Table 6-1: Comparison of Web Graphics Formats
Table 6-2: Resources for Locating Images
Table 6-3: Image Editors’ Price Comparison

Chapter 7: Enter the World of XHTML

Table 7-1: Sources for Free or Syndicated Web Content
Table 7-2: HTML Editing Software
Table 7-3: Domain Name Registrars
Table 7-4: Search Engine Submission Services and Software

Chapter 11: Add Multimedia and other Objects

Table 11-1: Audio and Video Editors
Table 11-2: MIME Types

Chapter 12: Make Your Pages Come Alive with Animation

Table 12-1: GIF Animation Software Choices
Table 12-2: Sources for Animated GIFs

Chapter 13: All About Image Maps

Table 13-1: Low-Cost Image-Mapping Software

Chapter 14: Add Interactivity with Forms

Table 14-1: Form Processing Servces
Table 14-2: Online Sources for CGI scripts

Chapter 15: Improve Interactivity with JavaScript

Table 15-1: Some Events and Event Handlers

Chapter 16: Understand the Future of XHTML

Table 16-1: The Modules of XHTML 1.1

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
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