List of Sidebars

Chapter: Introduction

Did You Know?—About These Boxes
How to: Utilize These Boxes

Chapter 1: Get Your Feet Wet with HTML

Did You Know?—Where the X in XHTML Comes From

Chapter 2: Work with Text and Lists

Did You Know?—W3C Stands for World Wide Web Consortium

Chapter 3: Modify Text with Text Elements and CSS

Did You Know?—What Is the Difference Between Block Level and Inline Elements?
Did You Know?—Why Are Certain Elements Deprecated?
How to: Remember Key CSS Terms

Chapter 4: Introduce and Control Color

Did You Know?—Browser-Safe Colors May Not Be All That Safe
Did You Know?—How Monitor and Display Screen Colors Work

Chapter 7: Enter the World of XHTML

How to: Find Out if the Name You Want Is Available
Did You Know?—What Happened to <meta keyword=" " />?

Chapter 9: Create Framesets and Frames Pages

Did You Know?—Who Developed the Idea of Frames?

Chapter 10: Control Presentation with Style Sheets

How to: Use Classes
Did You Know?—What's the difference between CSS 1, CSS 2, and CSS 3?
Did You Know?—What Is the Difference Between the Generic Fonts?
How to: Learn More About Style Sheets

Chapter 11: Add Multimedia and other Objects

Did You Know?—Background Sounds Can Be Quite Annoying
How to: Avoid Problems with Browsers that Don’t support <object>

Chapter 12: Make Your Pages Come Alive with Animation

How to: Use the <applet> Element
Did You Know?—What Is a “Splash” Page?

Chapter 13: All About Image Maps

How to: Understand Coordinates
Did You Know?—What Is the Difference Between a Client and Server?

Chapter 14: Add Interactivity with Forms

Did You Know?—Why Do You Need CGI?
How to: Add a Search Engine to Your Site
How to: Use PayPal to Receive Payments Online
Did You Know?—Not All Web Hosts Support CGI

Chapter 15: Improve Interactivity with JavaScript

How to: Add Hidden Comments in JavaScript

Chapter 16: Understand the Future of XHTML

Did You Know?—There Are Four Required Modules
How to: Understand the Difference Between Nonvalidationg and Validation Parsers

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
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