Chapter 13 -- Network Security

Chapter 13

About This Chapter

Security is a part of every network administrator's job, whether there is confidential data stored on computers that must be protected or vital operating system and application files that must be protected from deletion by users. There are various mechanisms used to provide security on a network because different types of protection are needed. Network security is a huge and complex subject. This chapter examines some of the basic tools and techniques that you can use to protect your network from accidental or deliberate damage.

Before You Begin

This chapter assumes a basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems and network communications processes. The study of firewalls and security protocols requires an understanding of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) communications, as discussed in Lesson 1: TCP/IP Protocols, in Chapter 8, "TCP/IP Fundamentals," and Lesson 1: IP, in Chapter 6, "Network Layer Protocols."

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