Web Services Patterns - Java Edition

Paul B. Monday


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About the Author

Paul B. Monday is a software architect who works for Sun Microsystems' network storage division. He has been testing, implementing, designing, and architecting software for many years . During graduate school at Washington State University, he created the System V File system implementation for the early Linux operating system (prior to the1.0 kernel). After graduate school, Paul began working at IBM. His work included finding mechanisms for reusing software efficiently , with most of his efforts centered on the IBM SanFrancisco project. After IBM, Paul worked for Imation Corporation as an architect and project leader for a series of projects involving device management and network appliances. While there, Paul led an effort to build a network appliance based entirely on open -source software. Since Imation Corporation, Paul has worked on a variety of architecture projects related to enterprise software. Paul is also the coauthor of two books, SanFrancisco Component Framework: An Introduction (Addison-Wesley, 1999) and The Jiro Technology Programmer's Guide and Federated Management Architecture (Addison-Wesley, 2001).

About the Technical Reviewer

Kunal Mittal, an independent J2EE and Web Service consultant, has more than six years of software development experience and has been working with J2EE technologies since early 1999. He specializes in Web Services using the BEA platform and has coauthored and edited several books on J2EE and Web Services.


Over the course of writing this book, I have undergone many changes in my life. In the middle of the book, I was hired by Sun Microsystems' network storage division. My former manager, Dave Jespersen, was extremely understanding of my prior commitments, including this book. I am excited to be working for Sun and wish Dave J. the best in his future endeavors.

Jennifer Aloi, editor of the IBM developerWorks Java technology zone, helped me hone many of my writing skills and allowed me much creative freedom on the site to try out my ideas. Jennifer also introduced me to John Zukowski from Apress. John spent quite a bit of time noodling over book ideas with me and continues to be helpful as this book goes to press. Thanks, Jenni and John.

During the course of writing, Sofia Marchant nurtured the beginning phases of the book, and then Beth Christmas came in and helped me wrap up the book. The end of the schedule was grueling, but Beth provided the feedback I needed at the right time. Anyone who has ever written a book knows that the author is only the name on the cover; people such as Kunal Mittal (the technical reviewer), John Zukowski (the editorial director), Kim Wimpsett (the copy editor), and Kari Brooks (the production manager) are the ones who helped turn my ramblings into something that is actually readable, informative, and, I hope, useful. The entire Apress team is phenomenal.

I would also like to thank the Eskimo Ski Shop in Littleton, Colorado, and the Loveland Ski Area in Colorado for helping me cultivate my snowboarding skills. The skills came in handy at the end of a long week trying to work through Kunal's and Kim's comments. There is nothing better than some fresh Colorado powder down your back to bring you back to reality.

Finally, my family and dogs (Sapphire and Emma) have been, mostly, patient with me throughout the journey. Thanks for helping me take on the burden of writing a book for the third time. I love you all even though it is sometimes difficult to show from behind a computer screen.

Web Service Patterns
Web Services Patterns: Java Edition
ISBN: 1590590848
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 190

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