Understanding the Current State of the Business

The P.T. Monday Coffee Company roasts and delivers, or has delivered by a shipping company, hundreds of pounds of coffee per week. The company takes orders off the Internet for direct customer sales as well as sales to caf s and delis that resell the P.T. Monday coffee and brew it in their own stores. The current Web site consists of static Web content and a simple form that customers submit to place an order. The form ends up in an email message to the secretary for the P.T. Monday Coffee Company after a Perl script processes the form. Although customers can submit orders, the secretary ends up handling the back-end work of fulfilling orders and taking care of credit card orders. There is no customer database; instead, the company retains paper records of the transactions.

As for order fulfillment, there are times when there are not enough coffee beans to fulfill the outstanding orders. This leads to some problems with customer satisfaction. Luckily, current customers are loyal to the company because of its local roots and friendly delivery people. The P.T. Monday Coffee Company relies on a single grower of coffee but would like to find additional growers. By keeping their options open with growers, the company can alleviate some of their order fulfillment problems.

Despite the weaknesses, the P.T. Monday Coffee Company has a loyal and increasing following. The company achieved coolness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, through their coffee delivery service and unique designs for the delivery vans.

Web Service Patterns
Web Services Patterns: Java Edition
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