Understanding the Company Vision

The company has built an aggressive business plan that calls for 40-percent increases in year-to-year sales over the next five years . Resellers are the keys to fueling growth, as well as the expansion of delivery services into nearby Chicago, Illinois. The company's goals are to sell coffee to one regional chain in the next year and one national chain in the next five years. With a correctly worked partnership deal, the company wants to dramatically expand direct customer sales to correspond with the expansion of restaurants offering the coffee.

The owners of the company realize that the key to their aggressive expansion requires a sound, Internet-based application that integrates a new ordering system from the P.T. Monday Coffee Company with its customers' systems. Further, the P.T. Monday Coffee Company's systems need to integrate with its partners ' systems to quickly locate a partner with excess coffee beans in the event that the P.T. Monday Coffee Company runs out of beans from its default supplier.

The company also needs to expand its direct sales Web site to better facilitate customers and enable the company to reach out to existing customers with special offers, especially when there is excess capacity in terms of beans and roasters. Further, the site has to retain valuable customer information to personalize the site and make it easier for customers to place additional orders.

Web Service Patterns
Web Services Patterns: Java Edition
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