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safe_mode directive, limitations of
safeguards, transparency of
salting passwords
Schneier, Bruce (Applied Cryptography)
     practices for
     principles of
SecurityFocus web site
semantic URL attacks
sensitive transactions, requiring authentication for
session data
     encrypting 2nd
     exposed 2nd
     whether to filter
session fixation
session hijacking 2nd
session identifier
     regenerating at session initiation
     regenerating for change in privilege
     regenerating on every page
session injection
session_regenerate_id() function
session_set_save_handler() function 2nd 3rd 4th
session_start() function
Set-Cookie response header
set_error_handler() function 2nd
SetEnv directive
shared hosting
     exposed session data
     exposed source code with
     filesystem browsing
     safe_mode directive and
     security level attainable with
     session injection
shell commands, command injection and
shell_exec() function 2nd
Simple is Beautiful principle
source code, exposed 2nd
spoofed form submissions
spoofed HTTP requests
SQL injection 2nd
SQLite databases, not storing in document root
     minimizing exposed data
     preventing password sniffing
stateless protocol, disadvantages of
     evaluating as PHP
     replacements using patterns
superglobal arrays 2nd
symmetric cryptography
system commands, command injection and
system() function 2nd

Essential PHP Security
Essential PHP Security
ISBN: 059600656X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 110

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