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Mobile Commerce Applications
by Nansi Shi (ed)   ISBN:1591401828
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This text addresses and explores the critical architectural issues in constructing m-commerce applications and in applying mobile technologies in different areas, including models, paradigms, architectures, and more.

Table of Contents
Mobile Commerce Applications
Section 1 - Constructing Mobile Commerce Systems and Applications
Chapter 1 - Mobile Commerce Systems
Chapter 2 - Contract-Based Workflow Design Patterns in M-Commerce
Chapter 3 - Java 2 Micro Edition for Wireless Enterprise Applications
Chapter 4 - Configuring M-Commerce Portals for Business Success
Chapter 5 - Multimedia Computing Environment for Telemedical Applications
Section 2 - Knowledge Management in a Mobile Computing Context
Chapter 6 - Knowledge Discovery in Mobile Business Data
Chapter 7 - OntoQuery¢¬An Evolutionary Approach for Query Formation and Information Retrieval
Section 3 - Mobile Message and Data Services
Chapter 8 - Modeling the Dynamics of Emerging Mobile Data Services Markets
Chapter 9 - Short Message Service (SMS) and its Applications
Chapter 10 - Multimedia Messaging Peer
Section 4 - Mobile Financial Services
Chapter 11 - Mobile Banking¢¬A Strategic Assessment
Chapter 12 - Agent-Based Secure E-Payment System in E-Commerce
Section 5 - Quality of Service for Mobile Commerce Applications
Chapter 13 - Quality of Perception in M-Commerce
Chapter 14 - QoS-Oriented Medium Access Control for All-IP/ATM Mobile Commerce Applications
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List of Theorems

Mobile Commerce Applications
Mobile Commerce Applications
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