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staying power: 30 secrets invincible executives use for getting to the top - and staying there
Staying Power: 30 Secrets Invincible Executives Use for Getting to the Top - and Staying There
by Thomas A. Schweich ISBN:0071395172
McGraw-Hill 2003 (269 pages)

What personal and professional attributes seem time and again to propel successful people to the top? The notable figures in this text reveal 30 key characteristics that seem to be consistently present in those who experience breakthrough success.

Table of Contents
Staying Power—30 Secrets Invincible Executives Use for Getting to the Top And Staying There
Introduction—"Most Unlikely to Succeed"
Part I - The Invincible Career Path
Rule 1 - Do Not Map Out Your Career
Rule 2 - Discover Your Talents Early, and Discard Your Fantasies Immediately
Rule 3 - Maintain Pervasive Professional Flexibility
Rule 4 - Get Lucky
Rule 5 - Promote the Organization, Not Yourself
Rule 6 - Connections Get You a First Chance, but Never a Second One
Rule 7 - When You Suffer a Setback, Come Clean and Bounce Back
Rule 8 - Learn to Take a Punch
Rule 9 - Work is a Member of the Family
Rule 10 - Find a Job that You Look Forward to Every Day
Part II - The Invincible Personality
Rule 11 - Anger is a Tactic, Not an Emotion
Rule 12 - Harness Your Fear to Sharpen Your Professional Judgment
Rule 13 - Respect Ambition, but Destroy Opportunism
Rule 14 - Value Loyalty, but do Not Depend on It
Rule 15 - Put a Very Fine Line between Yourself and Your Subordinates
Rule 16 - Wield a Spiritual Shield, but Not a Spiritual Sword
Rule 17 - You do Not Have to be Good-Looking, but You Have to Look Good
Rule 18 - Take the High Ground and Never Give it Up
Rule 19 - Don't Lose Your Confidence for Very Long
Rule 20 - You Can and Must Develop Professional Charisma
Part III - The Invincible Management Style
Rule 21 - You Can Only Micromanage Ten Employees and About Six Hundred Square Feet
Rule 22 - The Invincible Executive Delves into Specific Problems at Great Depth
Rule 23 - Intimidation Chases Away Talent, Opportunity, and Creativity
Rule 24 - Spend More Time on Information Inflow Than Information Outflow
Rule 25 - Wring the Emotion Out of Risk Analysis
Rule 26 - Take Decisive Action to End Discord
Rule 27 - Get Results Through Alignment and Adjustment, Not Democracy
Rule 28 - Minimize Meetings
Rule 29 - Negotiate the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, but Leave the Games to Others
Rule 30 - Put the Interests of the Organization over the Interests of Individuals—Very Carefully
Appendix A - List of Those Profiled
List of Snapshots

Staying Power. 30 Secrets Invincible Executives Use for Getting to the Top - and Staying There
Staying Power : 30 Secrets Invincible Executives Use for Getting to the Top - and Staying There
ISBN: 0071395172
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 174
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