Only a handful of hacker sites stay up for longer than a year. The majority of them appear with a flurry of activity, and then disappear when the founders lose interest and move on to other hobbies. Because hacker website life spans are so short, finding these sites can be difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to find them.

Hacker search engines

There are a variety of specialized search engines for finding hacker websites (see Figure 6-2). These hacker search engines can help you quickly find anything from source code to the latest dreaded virus to the current version of an online harassment program that attacks America Online or ICQ users. If none of the hacker sites listed earlier in this chapter have what you need, try one of the following specialized search engines instead:

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Figure 6-2: Use a hacker search engine like to find the hacking tool you need.


Cyberarmy HakSearch


Hacker website lists

Many hackers like to claim that their website is the best, most comprehensive source of hacker information on the Internet. Since so many websites make this claim, hackers have put together lists that arrange competing hacker sites according to the number of votes each one gets from users. So, if you want to find the most popular hacker sites at the moment, browse through these lists and vote for your favorite:

Elite Toplist



Web rings

Instead of blindly groping around the Internet with a search engine, you might want to try using a web ring instead. Web rings provide links to websites that focus on a specific topic. If you're interested in, say, computer virus writing, harassing America Online, or defacing web pages, visit the Web Ring site (, click on the Computers & Internet section, and then on the Cyberculture category and finally on the Hacking category for a list of additional hacker websites.

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