Chapter 9. Introduction to ADO.NET


  • An Overview of ADO.NET

  • Performing Common Database Tasks

  • Improving Database Performance

  • Advanced Database Topics

Database access is a crucial component of almost any ASP.NET application. Fortunately, the ASP.NET framework includes a rich set of classes and controls for working with database data in your ASP.NET pages.

This chapter introduces ADO.NET, the data access technology built into the .NET framework. It gives detailed explanations of the classes that you need to use most often in your ASP.NET pages. You learn how to retrieve records from a database table, insert new records, update records, and delete records.

You also learn how to use the ADO.NET classes when working with Web forms. You learn how to build forms that enable you to insert and modify database records.

Finally, this chapter delves into some of the more advanced features of ADO.NET. You learn how to increase the performance and maintainability of your ADO.NET applications using stored procedures and connection pooling. You also learn how to execute commands in transactions and retrieve database table schema information.


You can view "live" versions of many of the code samples in this chapter by visiting the Superexpert Web site:

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