create Number fields

Number fields are used to store numeric data: the digits 09, a decimal point, and a sign (+ or -). You use a Number field when you want to be able to sort numerically (rather than alphabetically), perform calculations on the field, or use the data in a Summary field (as the object of a summary calculation in a report, for example). The table below shows the names and descriptions of the Number fields you'll create for the Main layout.

Number Field Name



Savings bond's value at maturity


Interest to-date earned by the savings bond


Original price paid for the savings bond


Amount originally invested in the CD


CD's annual interest rate


CD's investment period (in months)

Sav_Initial Balance

Starting balance for savings or money market account


Commission paid when buying the shares

Stk_Current Share Price

Current quote for the stock

Stk_Number of Shares

Number of shares purchased

Stk_Price Per Share

Share price when stock was purchased

In the Define Database dialog box (see page 10), enter Bond_Denomination in the Field Name box, select Number from the Type drop-down list, and click Create. Repeat this procedure to create the other Number fields in the table.

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