create Date fields

Date fields are used to record dates. Although you could use a Text field to store dates, only a Date field will sort dates properly, make them readily searchable, and enable you to easily use them in date-based calculations. The table below shows the names and descriptions of the Date fields you'll create for the Main layout.

Date Field Name


Bond_Issue Date

Date on which the savings bond was purchased

CD_Maturation Date

Date on which the CD matures/expires

CD_Purchase Date

Date on which the CD was purchased

Last Modified

Date on which the current record was created or last modified

Stk_New Date

Date of the most recent price update for the stock

Stk_Purchase Date

Date on which the stock was purchased

Create the Date fields as you did the Text and Number fields; that is, enter a field name, select Date as the field type, and click Create.

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