create Text fields

Text fields can store any kind of character data, including letters, numbers, and punctuation. Examples of Text fields include addresses, comments, and phone numbers. (Because phone numbers generally include non-numeric characters, such as minuses and parentheses, they are better represented as Text fields than as Number fields. In fact, any field that can contain a mixture of numeric and non-numeric characters should be a Text field.) The table below shows the names and descriptions of the Text fields you'll create for the Main layout.

Text Field Name


Account Type

Classify the investment as Savings/Money Market, Stock/Mutual Fund, CD, or Savings Bond

Bond_Serial #

Bond identification number


CD certificate identification number


Name of institution from which the CD was purchased


Descriptive account identifier


Name of bank or money market institution

Sav_Savings Account

Savings or money market account identification number

Stk_Account Number

Brokerage account number


Broker's name

Stk_Brokerage Firm

Name of brokerage house


Broker's phone number


Taxable investment: Yes, No, or ?

In the Define Database dialog box (see page 10), enter Account Type in the Field Name box, select Text from the Type drop-down list, and click Create. Repeat this procedure to create the other Text fields in the table.

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