VBFixedArrayAttribute Attribute

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The VBFixedArrayAttribute attribute is used to ensure that files written using the FileSystem methods are compatible with previous versions of Visual Basic. A fixed- size array in previous versions of Visual Basic was an array declared with a size in a user -defined type.

 Type Team   Members(10) As String End Type 

This example shows a user-defined type with a fixed-size array of strings in it. When a user-defined type with a fixed-size array was written to disk, it included a special header containing the size of the array. For the array to be read properly in Visual Basic .NET, the corresponding class or structure has to specify the VBFixedArrayAttribute .

 Class Team   <VBFixedArrayAttribute(10)> Public Members() As String End Class Module Test   Sub Main()     Dim x As Team     FileOpen(FileNum, "team.txt", OpenMode.Binary, _       OpenAccess.Write, OpenShare.Default)     FileGet(1, x)     FileClose(1)   End Sub End Module Public ReadOnly Property Bounds() As Integer() 

The Bounds property returns a one-dimensional array of the upper bounds of each dimension.

 Public ReadOnly Property Length() As Integer 

The Length property returns the number of dimensions of the fixed-size array.

 Public Sub New(ByVal UpperBound1 As Integer) Public Sub New(ByVal UpperBound1 As Integer, _    ByVal UpperBound2 As Integer) 

The VBFixedArrayAttribute constructor specifies the upper bound or upper bounds of the array.

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